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Staff listing

Network Administrators

Network Administrators form the core of the administration at SwiftIRC. They adhere strictly to a democratic system, using majority votes to make all major changes to SwiftIRC, and ensure that the network runs smoothly.

  • Carl
  • Dragon
  • Sephiroth
  • zomg
Global IRC Operators

IRC operators are the second level of support for users. If a user has an issue that cannot be solved by a support team member then an IRC operator may intervene. IRC operators also have the task of ensuring that users and channels abide by the network guidelines. They are generally nominated and voted on by the Network Administrators.

  • Chrono
  • Concept
  • Jake
  • Mark
  • Ryan
  • Taylor
  • Zanith
Server Administrators

Server Administrators are generally focused upon the maintenance of their servers, on top of the IRC operator responsibilities that their position entails. Server Administrators may also nominate staff for their server, after which a majority support of the network administrators is required.

  • Benjy
  • Marius
  • Steve
Support Team

A support team member is the first line of support for users with issues. Their role is mainly within #IRCHelp and #support, however they are encouraged to involve themselves with other aspects of the network, such as our community relations with other websites and organisations.

  • Jon
  • Nova
  • {Andrew}
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