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Posted by Awong on 2009-05-09 15:21:34 UTC

The SwiftBlog has been an idea that has been bounced around periodically and one that has been met with general enthusiasm.

Too often the decisions of the administration come off as somewhat arbitrary as little reasoning or explanation is provided, and even worse is when the users have entirely no idea that something has occured.

It is the hope of the administration that the SwiftBlog will serve to fill this gap so as to inform users not only of changes in a general sense, but also to provide the information straight from the horse's mouth as it were through a medium that is not designed to be formal, and one that is open to constructive comments.

Without further ado, I welcome one and all to keep their eyes open for posts on our blog.

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Posted by Awong on 2009-04-16 09:32:14 UTC

The SwiftIRC Administration would like to extend its warmest welcome to its newest Server Administrator, Marius, back from his temporary absence.

Following a successful majority vote, the server was granted a permanent link on the network.

Welcome back Marius!

Support Team Applications & Support wiki

Posted by Concept on 2009-04-07 02:19:09 UTC


The Network Helper applications have now been opened for acceptance into the support team. These applications will be subject to a first round of reviews by pre-existing Network Staff, whereupon select support personnel shall review the final candidates and provide feedback. This feedback will then shape the final selection of the new Help Operators.

Applications are relatively comprehensive, and I advise only those who wish help make the SwiftIRC support system work to submit an application. There is no word limit, but I recommend that any responses be extensive enough so as to answer the question, yet concise so as to remain relevant.

Also, there is no closing date issued this time around. Applications will be left open until we have found a suitable number of new staff.

The procedure for submitting an application can be found on the HelpOp Page located in the Support section of the website. Alternatively, the URL is:

In other news, after an extended period of downtime due to technical issues the SwiftIRC support wiki has returned. We took the opportunity to update both the layout and content of the wiki and hope our users will find it beneficial. A link to the wiki can be found in the menu at the top of this website.

Kind Regards,

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Posted by Katlyn on 2009-02-28 14:24:27 UTC has been granted a 30 day test link to the network.

We wish milamber's returning administrator, Marius, the best of luck during this trial phase.

Last edited by Katlyn on 2009-03-11 19:10:37 UTC

Policy regarding bvhosts

Posted by Sara on 2009-01-03 04:08:35 UTC

The administration has compiled a list of guidelines BNC providers should adhere to when creating bvhosts, in order to clarify what is considered permissible on SwiftIRC.

Bvhosts should not:
- Contain racial slurs.
- Contain strong language.
- Impersonate (SwiftIRC staff or otherwise).
- link to inappropriate websites.

Such bvhosts are inappropriate and not suitable for our younger users.

As of January 09, 2009, any bvhosts which violate these guidelines will be g-lined.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that all BNC providers suspend BNC accounts automatically when a user is /killed, as this reduces the likelihood that your IPs/range will be banned.

We thank you for your cooperation.

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My Resignation

Posted by Marius on 2008-09-25 10:34:02 UTC

With the increasing workload academia has placed upon me, as well as having more socialization as of late, I feel that it is in my best interest to abdicate my position as Network Administrator and focus on the bigger picture otherwise known as my future.

You may still find me about on the network, but at this time I feel that it is in my own best interest to take up the role of a normal user as I will not have the time to dedicate towards user management which I once had.

I wish my fellow Administrators the best of luck in the times to come.
Marius Fully Linked

Posted by Vivec on 2008-09-12 18:41:35 UTC

The client server has been fully and permanently linked following a unanimous vote in its favour.

The SwiftIRC staff would like to extend congratulations to Eclipse`s administrator, Mithshark. We hope that he and his server will make a strong and lasting contribution to SwiftIRC as a whole.

Last edited by Katlyn on 2008-09-17 14:17:24 UTC for testlink

Posted by Woodruff on 2008-08-09 19:34:27 UTC passed voting for a 30 days test link period.
we would like to wish best of luck to eclipse admin Mithshark during the test time.

Help Operator Applications

Posted by Awong on 2008-06-10 09:56:34 UTC

As stated previously, practical restrictions have meant that I am unable to send every applicant an email, but I would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit an application.

Selections were not easy to make, and required a substantial amount of time and input from staff. Even those who are selected at this stage are not Help Operators, but rather, are merely reaching the final stage of the application. They will be allowed to interact with members of staff before a final selection is made as to who becomes a Help Operator.

If you did not make it, don't worry. Not only was the standard of these applications of a high caliber, but any analysis of an individual based purely upon their application and the little we may know about them is bound to be limited in its potential to truly get to know them. If you did not make it this far, it means little, and I hope you continue to contribute to this network as you do so already.

Without further ado, the twenty applicants who have made it to the final stage are:

- ``Ant``
- |Matt
- aaron1120
- Ala
- Alan-
- Craigg
- Cup
- dozy-ben
- KHobbits
- Mickinator14
- Mithshark
- Nofilicity
- NoFX
- Pyroman48
- Redzzy
- Ryan
- Suigintou
- Tay
- Vigilante
- Volcano

Best of luck to these individuals.

Last edited by Awong on 2008-06-10 09:58:52 UTC

Support Team Application Feedback

Posted by Awong on 2008-06-06 04:37:04 UTC

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