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Help operators

Posted by Sephiroth on 2006-05-13 21:24:28 UTC

SwiftIRC is currently in need of a number of bright volunteers to serve as support staff (otherwise known as "help operators").

Read about the duties of a <a href="?page=helpop">help operator</a> and then, if you think you're suitable and have what it takes to be a part of the SwiftIRC support team, fill out the <a href="?page=usercp&area=helpopapp">help operator application</a>

On a side note, SwiftIRC is looking to expand in terms of servers and administrative staff. If you are interested in linking an IRCd to SwiftIRC, please visit the <a href="?page=linking">linking page</a>

If you have any problems with any the applications mentioned in this news posts, please e-mail <img src="images/emails/support.PNG" alt="SwiftIRC support e-mail" /> for assistance.

End of Phoenix's test link

Posted by Sephiroth on 2006-04-06 14:19:46 UTC's test link has ended and the SwiftIRC staff have voted for it to become a permanent server.

Congratulations to phoenix's admin, Tim!

April fools

Posted by Sephiroth on 2006-04-01 17:54:14 UTC

Yet, it's April fools today and no we were not <a href="fbi/">shut down by the FBI</a> :) - end of test link

Posted by Sephiroth on 2006-03-10 11:18:37 UTC

fusion's test link period is over, and it has been promoted to a full link based on a majority vote in it's favour.

Congratulations to the server's admin, Vivec, we hope you will be a part of SwiftIRC team for a long time.

Also, some <a href="">comedy</a> for you all.

Posted by Sephiroth on 2006-03-05 15:22:41 UTC

SwiftIRC is proud to present a new leaf server: <a href="irc://"></a>

This server is located in Chicago, Illinois and can hold up to 1000 users.

It is sponsored by Tim (<a href=""></a>) and we wish him all the best during the test link period.

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