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Posted by Katlyn on 2007-03-13 00:06:23 UTC

The server has passed the 30 day test link and was voted to become permanently linked to the network.

Congratulations to merlin's admin, gic!

Last edited by Katlyn on 2007-03-13 00:16:41 UTC granted test link

Posted by Sephiroth on 2007-02-06 21:55:00 UTC

The server has been granted a 30 day test link. This server is located in Germany, and should hopefully make up for the recent loss of capacity in Europe as well as provide a stable addition to the network.

Best of luck to merlin's admin, gic, during the test link period!

illusion relocated

Posted by Sephiroth on 2007-02-02 20:59:36 UTC

The recently linked server, has now been moved to the California in the United States. This was done as the new circumstances are now much more beneficial to the server's admin, Tarball.

As the server still has the same name, this introduces some complications. Both and will direct you to the new server located in California. However, will now resolve to Talon, another server in Europe.

illusion and hyperion's test link over

Posted by Sephiroth on 2007-01-22 23:11:00 UTC and have now officially passed the test link stage, and have both been voted to become permenantly linked to the network.

Congratulations to server admins Tarball and Katlyn!

Recent server upgrades and downtime

Posted by Sephiroth on 2007-01-18 21:01:18 UTC

Over the past few days, you will have noticed that the stability of SwiftIRC servers has been generally poor.

This was down to some needed software upgrades, which ended up requiring several server restarts, followed by bugs present in the updated code that affected server stability.

While all known issues at this time have been either fixed or mitigated, it is likely that a further update will be necessary sometime in the future.

We sincerely apologize for the disruptions and thank you for your continued patience and support.

Todays Downtime

Posted by AXS-Tim on 2007-01-06 08:37:54 UTC

Hi Guys,

As you will have noticed most servers had incredibly high latency during parts of today this was due to an attack on each part of our network by "script kiddies".

Script kiddies make use of insecure hosts to "DDoS" other hosts on the internet (namely people's PCs or servers), this is achieved by sending huge amounts of data to the remote host and clogging up their networks so that their internet connections fail. In our case this caused all our servers to split apart and most users to get knocked offline.

Script kiddies are one of the banes of the internet society, generally there's little we can do about them besides letting them run their course. As much as they cause us issues they are not big issues and once the incident is over we all move back to exactly how it was before. If this is the only way to make some kids feel good about themselves then that's sad but so be it, just sit there, have a laugh about it and wait till everything is back to normal. Don't get all steamed up about it, if you see the perpetrator on IRC feeling good about himself because of what he has done then make fun of him, point out that all he has achieved is knocking a network of computers offline that exist to provide a free service to internet users - I'm sure you all agree that that is nothing to be proud of.

I'm going to ask that you guys don't just sit there and complain, whinge, bitch, etc. about all of this because it doesn't help anything. This is an IRC network, it's a place to chat and nothing more, everybody has something else they can do during the short periods of time that things are unavailable so in future go do them. Not everything revolves around the internet.

Tim and the SwiftIRC team

P.S. I tried to tone down some of the technical terms in the above explanation, I probably didn't do a good job of it so I'm sorry about that, just accept that things broke :-P

Two new servers

Posted by Marius on 2006-12-19 18:26:40 UTC

Our admin, Tim, has supplied us with yet another leaf to add to our network; The new server is located in Australia and should provide a better alternative to our users in the Oceania region of the world.

In additional news, the server has been granted a test link. Hyperion is located in Florida and can hold 4000 users, which should help balance the load on our American servers.

Best of luck to hyperion's admin, Katlyn, during her test link.

Last edited by Marius on 2006-12-19 18:31:20 UTC granted test link

Posted by Sephiroth on 2006-12-01 22:15:37 UTC

The server has been granted a test link. This server is located in Germany and can hold 3000 users. Hopefully this should help balance out the load on our European servers.

Illusion also has support for IPv6. If you use IPv6, you can connect to on port 6667.

Best of luck to illusion's admin, Tarball, during the 30 day test link period!

Last edited by Sephiroth on 2006-12-01 22:35:18 UTC

New server introduced:

Posted by Sephiroth on 2006-11-26 15:54:39 UTC

To help cope with increased user-load and the recent loss of servers, Tim has offered to provide another 2000 user server to the network.

Whether or not this server will become permanent is currently unknown.

Presently, is suffering technical difficulties and will be inaccessible for an unknown period of time. fully linked

Posted by Sephiroth on 2006-11-15 08:13:02 UTC

After around 30 days of being in test link, Talon has been voted to become a permanent link. Capable of holding 4000 users if needed, this server should be a great asset to the network. Congratulations to Talon's admin, Marius.

However, at the same time we must say goodbye to another server Unfortunately the provider of this server was forced to revoke our services due to users apparently trying to use our IRC server(s) for malicious purposes (and we now think we've identified those responsible).

Also, we'd like to point out that we now have a Wiki with some guides that should hopefully help out those new to IRC. However, at this time the Wiki can only be edited by the staff and certain users - this may change in the future.

Last edited by Sephiroth on 2006-11-15 08:17:38 UTC

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