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New SwiftIRC BNC Rules

Posted by Marius on 2009-09-01 12:45:44 UTC

Over the past few weeks, the SwiftIRC Staff have composed a set of rules which BNC providers on SwiftIRC must adhere to in order to be allowed their services to remain.
The guidelines are set up in such a way that they should not cause any inconvenience for any BNC provider as they are primarily based on common sense, and our desire to keep any abuse to a minimum (if not eradicate it completely!).

- BvHosts should not consist of profanity, racial slurs or any form of personal attacks
- BNCs should be auto-suspended/removed on KILL
- Users should not be allowed to change their host at will
- BNC providers must force unique idents on users
- BNC providers should ensure their service is not used to harvest nicknames and/or channels
- BNCs should have a human user actively using the BNC, if no user is on it, the BNC should be removed within a reasonable timeframe so as not to waste user space which could be better served for real clients.
- BNC provider staff members found breaking network rules should be removed off staff, or risk having their service provisioning privileges revoked
- BNC provider owners found breaking network rules will have their service provisioning privileges revoked immediately

We understand that some of these changes may require some work on the providers side, which is why we are allowing a one week grace period to implement features to make your services comply with the above mentioned rules. (With the exception of the more strict ones such as abuse from provider owners and the likes).

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Posted by Snoopy (guest) on 2009-09-04 15:23:54 UTC
Thank you for elaborating on the rules.

Posted by Coffey (guest) on 2009-09-05 19:31:35 UTC
Nice rules... shame you can't enforce them more. #RuneBNC still has about 350 users, 300 of which are just clones to gain usercount.

Posted by Towliee (guest) on 2009-10-30 17:04:56 UTC
I was #RuneBNC staff for over 8 months and had access to every server.. I am no longer staff and I run my own BNC Service and I still stand by my word that RuneBNC has NOT got clones! Stop trolling coffey and get a real girlfriend.. Not one online that turns out to be a bloke!

Posted by Mak (guest) on 2009-11-02 07:57:38 UTC
As far as I can see, Opers now have quite a presence in BNC channels and surely they can tell if the ops are up to no good (ie. breaking the above rules). Albeit sometimes it is suspicious when a BNC channel's usercount grows dramatically for no apparent reason.

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