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Goodbye Sara!

Posted by Steve on 2013-06-23 18:07:30 UTC

Users of SwiftIRC I come to you today with the saddest of news. After 6 years of service as an IRC Operator and Network Administrator of SwiftIRC Sara has decided to step down from her position and enter retirement.

From a young age Sara had always aspired to be a Network Administrator. She had a love for chatting, and a thirst for power. Young Sara was brought on as a Help Operator and worked very hard helping users and developing scripts to make her more efficient and successful, much to the dissatisfaction of her peers. She rose quickly in the ranks, which some attribute to her being a woman and, others, to her craft knowledge on how to play the system. Little is known if these rumors are true, but once reaching the ranks she proved herself to be a more than capable IRC Operator.

I would like to think that I was her biggest inspiration, to be honest. It was my experience and craftiness that she always seemed to try to mimic or copy. I gladly stepped aside as she pushed her way forward, much more interested in seeing her succeed than to get my own selfish wishes granted. She will deny it, of course, but we NA now (what's she going to do, fire me?)

Sadly, with all the users wanting to talk about botting and phishing, many Network Administrators left leaving a few open positions. Sara’s dream of being a Network Administrator was finally achieved, her tears of joy lasted days, nay, years.

We would like to wish Sara the best as life carries her away from us, and hopes that she might come and visit from time to time. She has proven to be an effective leader, and a positive female figurehead among the sausage-dominated staff team, and she will be missed much more than that Alex guy who left that everybody forgot about.
Take care Sara, don’t forget to take your vitamins, look both ways before crossing the street, and make lots of money so you can pay us back for all the stuff we had to do for you.

Steve and the SwiftIRC Administration

Posted by Codi (guest) on 2013-06-25 04:33:14 UTC
omg bye sara ill always remember you---codi

Future help operator? :)

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