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Server Delinked:

Posted by Steve on 2013-05-04 17:11:34 UTC

Let it be known that henceforth, Intersect and its Server Administrator Nerdie is delinked from the network.

Please keep in mind that this means Nerdie is no longer a staff member, and should not be trusted with any 'confidential' information.

Consequently, we have performed some maintenance on our servers and we encourage users experiencing any instability to please come to #support and report it to an Operator there.

In more important (and much more interesting) news, we have decided to promote Jake to the role of IRC Operator in hopes that he will bring some sort of order to the chaos.

We welcome Jake and the ideas and support he brings to the network, and thank him for all the service he has provided as a Help Operator.

Please treat him with respect (or not) as he goes through the transition stage and learns the ropes (at a grandma's pace, seriously what is up with this guy does he even lift?)

“Just as I had long suspected, a person didn't really need math for anything anyway. Maybe some people did. Some limited people.”
― Augusten Burroughs, Possible Side Effects

Posted by Dr_Rockso on 2017-09-22 22:40:48 UTC

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