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Recent Downtime

Posted by Sara on 2013-04-09 01:32:48 UTC


We recently experienced an outage that was due to our web server being potentially compromised. We'd like to stress that no user information was leaked and no data integrity was lost. In order to explain why the downtime was so long, we've put together the following timeline of events.

1. Admins were alerted that there was suspicious activity on the server and took steps to minimize the potential for data to be collected and leaked.
2. When these steps failed, the server was shut down, thus halting all operations on the server and locking out undetermined intruders.
3. The server was audited to see whether an intrusion had indeed occured.
4. After examining the server, it was determined that no compromise had occured and all data was intact. A decision was made to rebuild the server from scratch.
5. The server was rebuilt, and as of now everything is back online.

During situations like this, it's important that the issue be isolated quickly to prevent irreparable damage. Our main concern was determining whether user data had been compromised while also minimizing the effect of the outage. Almost every staff member on the team had a hand in resolving this issue from rebuilding the server to being on hand to answer support queries and assist users with issues. We're proud of how our team handled this and commend them for their responsiveness and hard work.

All services should be operating normally at this time. If you experience any issues please let us know in #support.

Posted by Dr_Rockso on 2017-09-22 22:40:49 UTC

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